At Hilltop Home Loans we offer mortgage brokering services in Oregon, Washington, and California. We firmly believe that how we do things is equally as important as what we do. Our team is driven by our core values, which dictate how we best serve potential home buyers, how we interact with each other, and how we partner with local communities. We are independent mortgage brokers with financial expertise who aren’t tied to specific financial institutions. With over 17 years experience, we leverage our knowledge to our client’s benefit. We focus on our client’s best interests and are transparent regarding costs, fees and commissions. We are licensed and regulated financial professionals who do a lot of the legwork for our clients by establishing connections to a wide community network of financial institutions and real estate brokers. We have multiple loan sources to select from with options in terms of mortgage length, interest rate, and loan requirements. Our excellent relationships with various lenders enables seamless matches for our clients, thus increasing our ability to offer competitive loan options and negotiate better rates with the lenders. We offer services such as credit counseling, refinancing, and financial planning because creating a long-term client relationship is important to us. We offer free consultations to meet with potential clients and strategize a path toward home ownership or investment.
At Hilltop Home Loans we are highly-driven and value continuing education and professional development, and comply with federal rules and individual state’s licensing requirements. We listen to our clients so we can fully understand their goals and continually improve our services. Our team is tech-savvy and utilizes the latest software programs and tools available to streamline processes, stay organized, and enhance the home buying experience. We keep our clients informed about shifts in interest rates, local sales forecasts, market dynamics, housing prices, lending policies, and the state of the economy and upcoming national financial expectations. We are passionate about transparent, honest communication to help our clients set realistic expectations and best position them for achieving their home ownership dreams.
At Hilltop Home Loans we take the guesswork out of home buying and help our clients navigate the process. We will explain the various types of loans and provide options depending on individual incomes and debts. Whether a client is buying a new home, investing, or refinancing, we can help. We run the numbers and match clients to products based on their credit scores and housing requirements, but won’t push for a particular option. We collect the required documents, pull credit history, and verify employment and income. We use the information to help clients apply for loans and negotiate terms quickly. We will work with the lender’s underwriting department, the closing agent or title company, and the real estate agent to keep the transaction running smoothly through closing day. We observe the timeline, hold to all the requirements, and maintain strict accountability in order to ensure that the financing is set and that the closing sticks to the schedule as much as possible. We offer the personal commitment and attention that can provide a pleasant homebuying experience, rather than a stressful, frustrating journey. Our team is here to help our homebuyers from start to finish and beyond.
Home buyers have different housing needs and specific financial situations. The Hilltop Home Loans team treats each potential home buyer as an individual regardless of loan size or credit score. We offer guidance, while considering individual needs and goals, and respect our client’s final decisions. Bottom line, we are here to help clients enhance their lives through home ownership on their terms.

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